Cyrus Innovation = Agile Reinforcement

We provide growing companies with the Agile Reinforcement™ they need to build more features, better products, and more productive teams. Our expert engineers work with your team to solve hard problems. Over the past 12 years, we have supported companies of all sizes with Agile software development in NYC. We help organizations scale their product and deliver clean code at a sustainable pace. Across industries, we work quickly to understand your business goals and identify the biggest pain points that are blocking your growth. Then, we work with you to establish what the best Agile processes are for your software team and help you implement them across the organization.


Our Agile Software Development Process

We work collaboratively, reinforce the practices that work, and craft scalable code. Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting out or you’ve been leading a team for years, we want to help you reach your milestones faster and in a more predictable way. We break down large projects into small tasks, assist you with prioritizing the key features to build, and help your team write great code while learning craftsmanship skills along the way.


Learning and Community Focused

We value collaborative learning, mutual respect, and diversity. Cyrus Innovation is the best place for female founders to transform their dreams into products. We believe that quality code should be accessible to everyone, so we offer discounts to minority owned businesses, social enterprises, and non-profits. We also have a Diversity Apprenticeship Program geared at helping NYC-based companies hire junior talent with minimal risk and increase diversity on their teams.

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NYAngelsWe are proud to be the official development shop of the New York Angels.

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