The Cyrus culture is one of innovative opportunities, internal support, and cross-company respect. We deliver the best custom software and consulting and can only do so by having the strongest team. We take the time to recruit motivated team members who match our fun and exciting culture. If you’re looking for something more rewarding than just a typical coding job, learn about our application process and a typical day at Cyrus below.

Two Weeks in The Life of a Cyrus Applicant

That’s all it takes — about two weeks — for us to figure out if we are a perfect fit for each other. Cyrus understands how valuable your time is even before you become an employee. Once you apply to Cyrus, it only takes about two weeks from start to finish to get an offer letter from us. Let’s get started…

Day 1

Send us an email. Tell us a bit about yourself. Send a resume. Link to Github and/or LinkedIn if you’d like.

Day 2

Chat with us for 30 minutes over the phone. Tell us about yourself. Learn about Cyrus. If we think you’re a fit, we’ll email you our code exercise.

Day 3-7

You work on the code exercise at your own pace. The time it takes to complete the code test varies, but we typically find that folks block off about half a day to work on it. Maybe you take some time on Sunday to tidy it up and send your solution back to us.

Day 9

We have reviewed your solution and love what we see. You approach a coding problem in a logical, analytical way. It’s clear you’ve put your best foot forward. We invite you on-site to meet our team.

Day 12

You come on-site. Arriving at 9:30, you grab a cup of coffee and the day begins. Throughout the day, you get to meet many Cyrus folks, including developers and non-devs. We chat, we go to lunch. Most importantly, you pair-program with us. You see first-hand what it would be like to work here.

Day 12

Same day. We like you, you like us. We make you an offer on the spot.

A Day in the Life of a Cyrus Employee

Once you’ve joined Cyrus, you’ll see that we take our coding seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. Our team members are expected to be self-motivated, passionate and personally accountable. We trust you to get the job done and our clients trust us to deliver the best code in the industry.

9:00 am

Coffee time, if you’re working in the Cyrus office it’s from an Aeropress :) If you’re on site with a client (the norm) it’s less predictable, but generally delicious.

9:05 am

Daily Standup for your project team. 5 minutes. We all stand. We share what we each did yesterday, what we plan to do today, what are our impediments.

9:10 am

Start crafting some awesome software that solves a user’s problem.
(Pairing, TDD, Continuous Integration)

9:35 am

Pomodoro break time. Every 25 minutes. Keeps us fresh.
(Test drive the toy helicopters we keep around the office. Attempt to beat my in-flight record.)

9:45 am- 12:30 pm

Back to pair-programming and regular breaks. Don’t forget to switch who’s typing!

12:30 pm

Lunch time. Giant sandwich or Dos Toros today, will decide soon.

1:30 pm

Team Meeting. Our product manager walks us through the features they asked for and we plan the next iteration together.

2:30 pm

Story breakdown and pair assignment.

3:00 pm

Back to pair-programming.

5:00 pm

If it’s Friday, time for our Retrospective.
(Review the week’s work and everyone shares beers, issues and ideas.)

6:00 pm

Game Night.
(Every few weeks at our office. A handful of us grab dinner and play strategy board games. Tonight I plan to beat my colleagues at Settlers of Catan.)