NFL’s High School Player Development (HSPD) Program


In 2001 the Football Operations Department of the National Football League (NFL), launched the High School Player Development program (HSPD). Today, the free summer program has over 150 sites nationwide and teaches underserved students in the U.S. fundamental skills in becoming productive members of society as well as great football players.


HSPD’s small, full-time staff relies heavily on technology to manage a vast network of volunteers and coaches.

With no internal IT staff dedicated to developing resources and HSPD’s rapidly growing program, it became increasingly difficult for the full-time staff to train, educate and communicate with it’s coaches and volunteers. HSPD needed IT help so that their staff could focus on the core mission – helping youth – without having to tackle the increasing technology issues keeping them from their goals.


Strengthen the internal and external web-based applications.

Create a system that allows a small group of full-time employees to communicate, train and support a dedicated, yet ever-changing volunteer group and coaches across the country.

Make the new system sustainable and provide unwavering service to HSPD as it continues to grow and evolve.


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  • Streamlined interactions between program participants, coaches, staff, volunteers, and business partners.
  • HSPD increased to more than 150 summer camp locations, serving 30,000 students.
  • HSPD reinvested the time and money saved by using Cyrus to advance its other organizational goals and freed staff to concentrate on their core competencies.