Saks Fifth Avenue FASHIONfix


Saks Fifth Avenue, the luxury specialty store, has been setting fashion trends since it was founded in 1867. This iconic retail brand is known for its fashion-forward style, innovative marketing practices and unique in-store experiences.


Despite their cutting edge fashions, the retailer had yet to take advantage of recent technology trends that their competition had embraced.

The creation of flash sale websites – sites dedicated to deep discount sales that only last for 24 to 36 hours – were heating up the retail market. Saks traditional clientele was enticed by the rapid-fire opportunities to get many of the same designer brands at slashed prices.

The current Saks website was based on old and outmoded technology that limited the features and functions that could be offered, effectively keeping them from being able to compete with these hugely popular flash sales. Saks needed to figure out a solution quickly to not be left behind by their competitors.


Engineer clear development plan with Saks to build flash sale application

Saks collaborated with Cyrus to swiftly develop a solution to launch its own flash sale offering on the company’s legacy platform. Once a beachhead had been established, Saks and Cyrus worked together to build a foundation for future development on more modern technology. On-site developers worked side-by-side with Saks’ development team to build a flash sale experience that fit perfectly with the back-end shopping system.

Utilize test-drive development (TDD) for seamless integration

Cyrus used test-driven development (TDD) to ensure seamless integration and service continuity while helping the internal Saks team develop new skills and expertise in more modern development languages and Agile development practices.

Migrate the flash sale application to more modern technology

The second phase of the flash sale development plan was to migrate the application to more cutting-edge technology, enhancing its overall services to help Saks stay ahead of market trends and forge new ground in online retailing.


tech-scala AWS_LOGO_RGB_300px tech-jasmine tech-puppet


  • The flash sale application called FASHIONfix was created and deployed within 60 days
  • The application drew thousands of users who wanted information on the new flash sales
  • Saks saw immediate positive impact on their online sales due to seamless integration, enabling multiple concurrent sales to subscribers in rapid succession
  • Cyrus successfully bridged existing technology to enhance client’s online shopping experience
  • Saks internal team developed new skills and expertise in Agile development and more modern development languages
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