Female Founders at Cyrus

We are women’s most trusted software development partner.
We transform your vision into a great product.

Whether you’re a female founder starting a company or are currently leading a tech team, our mission is to help you succeed. We obviously work with male-led companies too, but our collaborative style is especially loved by female leaders.
It starts with two rules: EVERYONE DESERVES RESPECT and therefore NO MANSPLAINING ALLOWED. Our software consultants will ALWAYS take the time to respectfully explain the technical complexities of your project and ensure that you are informed and involved in key decisions.

Ready to start? Take these steps:

  1. Schedule a free Product Strategy consultation with with our CEO, Tami Reiss.
  2. Sign up for our mailing list to attend our “10 Things Every [Female] Founder Should Know” event series.
  3. Review the resources and partner organizations  dedicated to help female entrepreneurs succeed.