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We believe that quality people, quality practices and quality code are foundations of business success - both yours and ours. Whether we're building mobile or web applications and products, introducing new technologies and development practices, or helping a great team get work done, our unique and pervasive spirit of collaboration inspires everything we touch.


Tami Reiss is an experienced product person who has worked with dozens of companies of all sizes to bring their products and services to market. For over a decade, she has worked with teams to develop technology solutions on a myriad of platforms. She advocates for Agile development, Lean strategies, and cross team collaboration.

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As Vice President Human Resources for Cyrus Innovation, Rebecca leads our human resources and operations strategy. She facilitates organizational development and provides guidance to Cyrus leadership. Rebecca is responsible for attracting, developing, and retaining the unique individuals that make up Cyrus’ talented workforce. Rebecca is passionate about fostering Cyrus’ culture of participation, collaboration and continual improvement.

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Jeffrey W. Smith is an international CEO, management consultant, and proven entrepreneur. Jeff has delivered three decades of global P&L leadership in the software, defense, environmental engineering, and energy industries. In all of his companies, he has driven consistent revenue and profit growth through comprehensive organic expansion and strategic M&A.

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Alex Goldberg

Alex Goldberg is an entrepreneur and angel investor in early-stage B2B Software startups. He had more than a decade of technical product management, business development, and strategy roles within four high-growth, venture capital backed startups in Greater Boston, including: Art Technology Group (personalized online advertising), Open Market (online retailing), Frictionless Commerce (strategic sourcing), and Adjoin Solutions (cloud infrastructure technologies). He then spent several years working for the one of the top executives at New York-based Computer Associates, where he researched emerging technologies in the Office of the CTO.

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Team Cyrus

Cyrus prides itself on having some of the best developers in the country. Not only is our team completely immersed in the latest development languages and practices, we are also business-focused and results-oriented. We’re advocates of all things cutting-edge – anything that helps make us better at our craft, which in return makes for better software to create and sustain better businesses.

Each Cyrus team member spends four weeks per year on professional development. We’re mainstays at code retreats, open spaces, hack fests and industry events. But it’s not just technical skills that matter. We encourage our developers to fully explore “softer” skills such as team dynamics, effective communication, and continuous process improvement. Our investments in these more “human” aspects of software development have yielded significant benefits for our team and our customers.

We’ve seen that happy developers produce the best work. Cyrus hires and retains the most talented minds in the industry. We carefully handpick our team and take employee satisfaction seriously. Our clients see great results when the team is passionate about the work it’s doing, and so we go through great pains to ensure that the right developers are paired with the right clients. When a team can integrate easily and quickly, it saves clients money. When we can save clients money, we have helped improve their bottom line. In all we do, we strive to build better businesses.

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Cyrus partnerships are carefully chosen. We select organizations that share our passion for community involvement and quality work. From Agile-focused organizations to schools and meetups, Cyrus is proud to be deeply ingrained in the tech communities of New York, Boston and beyond. Cyrus is proud to partner with the following organizations:

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NYAngels hipbyte flatiron ny-intrapreneur
nyc-rubymotion rubyblind unearth-ruby nyc-on-rails
Cyrus has been invaluable to us. Through close collaboration with Cyrus, our team has learned (and continues to learn) a great deal about delivering quality code and Agile best practices.” - Brian Madden, Director of IT at Boston Capital

We have spent a decade helping companies build software and adopt Agile by working side-by-side to help them achieve success. Our longstanding commitment to creating quality software, coupled with our ability to attract and retain top programming talent, allows us to solve the toughest software problems effectively and efficiently.

We consistently produce great work for a wide variety of organizations. Whether it‘s embedded team development or independent application development, writing code, launching products or improving processes, our clients know they can count on us to deliver valuable software as quickly as possible.


Cyrus was founded in 2003 with only $500 and a dream that there was a better way to build software. The Agile Manifesto was created in 2001, and Cyrus led the charge to bring Agile to the community.

In the past twelve years, we have helped countless clients to achieve their best business through software development and expert consulting.

2015 marked a new era for Cyrus. Under new leadership, we launched a program to help female run organizations to make quality code more accessible to everyone.

The Name “Cyrus”

Around 600 BC, a Persian king named Cyrus II reigned over what was the largest empire the world had seen so far. He has been recognized for his achievements in human rights, politics and military strategy. He respected the leaders and customs of the nations that he conquered and his empire was a successful model for centralized administration as well as establishing a government working to the advantage and profit of its subjects. He became known to the world as Cyrus the Great.

When the founders were looking for a name, they chose Cyrus amongst several other names. Once they had narrowed the names down, they asked for input from friends and family. Cyrus rose to the top, as they found it truly put a name to their vision.

As with the king, Cyrus the company works to the advantage and profit of their clients. Cyrus respects a company’s internal structure and culture. Through the building of sustainable, scalable, and efficient software and practices, Cyrus’s overall goal is to make businesses better.